BS Games – Art of Conquest: Dragon Dawn


If you’re a fan of old-school Heroes of Might and Magic, you’ll want to give Art of Conquest: Dragon Dawn a go!

Published by Lilithgames a year ago, the game is still going strong with over 5 million downloads on Google Play.


In Art of Conquest, you play a Commander for one of the six mighty kingdoms of Nore. Recruit an army of diverse troops and legendary heroes to explore a world filled with monstrous enemies, immersive quests, and unfathomable treasure.


Similar to Heroes of Might and Magic, Players will move around your Hero character and fight monsters or harvest resources on the mission map.

In combat, Players get to arrange your units and Hero during preparation phase. Once you are done with your party’s formation, you can hit the “Fight” button and combat will automatically be played out. Players can also use your Hero’s skill to turn the tides of the battle.


As you progress more into the game, you will be able to unlock more Heroes into your party. Having more Heroes is an advantage as you can deploy more troops. You will also have more Hero skills to use during combat.

Each Hero has their own unique role such as the Mage, Sage, Gladiator, General, Paladin, Necromancer, Mechanist and Rogue. You will need to equip them with items found in the mission maps (or gacha), to make them stronger so that they can face more powerful enemies.

Town Management

Lastly, there is a town management system where you can build buildings that will help replenish your troops and improve their fighting capabilities.

Download the game now using the link below and play it on BlueStacks to support me~

Download Here


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