JungoJam – To Launch its First Alpha Test Soon


Mobius Studio has announced that they will be launching the first Alpha Test for its upcoming mobile game, JungoJam. The Alpha Test is set to launch on August 22 in the Philippines, New Zealand, and Australia.


  • A more player-focused sandbox game that provides detailed avatar customization on facial expressions, hairstyles, and costumes. In addition, with the support of the friend system, players can embark on an intense and boundless survival adventure with others. They can collaborate to construct their personalized bunkers or castles, choose a variety of furnishings and decorations, and even choose from all sorts of melee or ranged weapons to fight against fantastic creatures.
  • The game’s scope extends far beyond mere construction, offering an immersive, sims-like role-play experience that captivates players. The vast role-play city is teeming with intractable diverse life scenes, from fishing to driving to even performing surgeries with friends.
  • In-game AI motion technique that gives players the freedom to integrate unique character movements, such as the latest dance moves and poses, simply through uploading videos.

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