BlueStacks Game – Rise of Dynasty: Three Kingdoms


Efun had recently release a new Three Kingdoms game in Singapore and Malaysia. The game is endorse by Singapore’s Christopher Lee, Malaysia’s Namewee.


Rise of Dynasty: Three Kingdoms (真三国:霸王之业) is a war-themed Strategy MMO Mobile Game, which will refresh players’ definition and experience of strategic mobile games.

Similar to many Three Kingdoms themed strategy game, Players will need to manage your city, your troops and coordinate with your Alliance to take down other supreme power.

Besides training your troops, you will also need to build powerful siege machines to pillage your enemy’s castle.

Collect famous Three Kingdom characters such as Lubu, Caocao, Liubei and Sun Quan and use them to guide your soldiers to victory. What’s more, you can select your very own group of Concubines!

Download Rise of Dynasty: Three Kingdoms using the link below and play the game on BlueStacks if you want to support me!

Download Link


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