BlueStacks Game – Knights Chronicle


Netmarble had recently launch an Anime-ish Mobile RPG called Knights Chronicle. If you haven’t already know, you can actually play the game comfortably on PC using BlueStacks.

Knights Chronicle is a unique turn-based mobile RPG with console quality graphics. Players who are familiar with Korean type turn-based Monster Breeding games will find this title easy to pick up.

Since this is a turn-based RPG, the controls for combat is pretty easy. All you have to do is tap on the skill icon to set a command for your characters. There is no automated normal attacks in this game. Personally I find it really cool that you can actually play the game in Portrait or Landscape mode.

Based on a lot of comments from the current player base and some of my friends who are playing the game, they all say that the game is actually very Free to Play friendly. Players are able to easily gems in the game and the rates for SSR units are quite decent.

If you’re looking for an Anime-ish RPG game to play, or you’re already playing the game but want to hook it up on your PC to farm more without hurting mobile’s battery, download Knights Chronicle using the link below and start playing now!

Download the game on BlueStacks using this link


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