Calibria: Crystal Guardians – Collect all 200 Heroes Today!


Mars Game had recently launch their latest mobile game, Calibria: Crystal Guardians. Players who are interested in the game can now download it on the App or Play Store. You can also play the game on BlueStacks.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians is a hero collection, turn-based RPG. Recruit over 200 different heroes from 5 different factions, each with their own unique skills. Assemble the ultimate squad to fight against the powers of darkness!

The game plays very similar to other hero collection games such as Summoners War or Raid Shadow Legends. For those of you who are familiar with hero collection games will definitely pick this up quickly. One of the unique feature in the hero’s progression is the Skill Tree System. Most heroes have bunch of skills that you can mix and match to suit your game’s progression.

If you’re looking for a new hero collection game to play, do give Calibria: Crystal Guardians a try. You can even download the game on BlueStacks and play it on PC with my link below!

Mars Game


Android Link
iOS Link

Bluestacks Link


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