Soul Tide – Reroll and Tier List


This list is based on the Chinese server

Reroll Guide

  • Complete tutorial and all missions up to 1-1
  • You will then unlock the Evoke (summon) page
  • Recommended Banner is Moon Palace and aim for Colcher
  • If you are willing to spend a little, you can do 1 cycle of the Miracle 1 Banner after your reroll

2 Ways to reroll:

  1. Clear Data (not advisable as the game file is quite big)
  2. Create multiple emails and login to a new account if you are unhappy with your rolls

Tier List

Do note that your team composition in this game is more important than having an individual powerful doll. However, there are still power differences amongst the dolls. Here’s the list based on the Chinese server.

Character Rating Details
Colcher SS Best Healer that fits in any team
Akaset SS Key character for Lightning team
Good support to Ice team
Can be used in any team
Nicolette S+ Bleed Team
Lightning Team
Fire Team
Virgina S+ Early game support
Can be used in any team
Asuna S Ignore Def
Good against enemies with “physical weakness”
Lilyiro S Pair with Akset and Colcher for big damage
Lightning team
Aurora S Single Target Lightning DPS
Fire Damage = Ignore DEF
Yuki S Single Target Magic DPS Party
AOE Ice Damage Party
Satya A+ AOE Magic DPS Party
Fire Party
Mako A+ Fire Team Support
Can be use as tank
Ruri A+ Damage increases over time
Netsuki A+ Single Target Fire DPS
Support and DPS for Magic team
Juewa A+ Pari with Aurora in Lightning team
Ice AOE Damage
Minerdwen A Support for Bleed and Magic team
Easily replaceable
Ennis A Magic DPS
Benten A Only Doll with 3 element
Good against Fire/Physical weakness enemies
Lin A Decent Support
Andrea B Good AOE damage enemies
Lavira B Acts as secondary DPS for Fire team
Freesia B Early game tank



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