Neural Cloud – Reroll and Tier List


List based on the Chinese server.

Reroll Guide

  • Launch game and create an account using gmail (not login with gmail)
  • Start tutorial (play through at least once if you are new to the game)
  • Complete Stage 1-2 to collect additional 20 Summon tickets from mailbox
  • To reroll, create a new account and add in a +1,+2 to the gmail account you first created with. This way, all the verification code will still be sent to the original gmail account thus you do not need to create multiple gmail accounts.
    (Eg. you created an account with, first reroll you will use, second reroll you will use, so on and so forth.)


Character Star Rating Details
Croque 3 S
Evelyn 3 A
Bonee 1 B
Souchun 2 B
Yanny 1 B
Zion 1 B



Character Star Rating Details
Hubble 3 S
Fresnel 2 S
Chanzhi 3 A
Max 1 A
Simo 1 A
Octogen 2 A
Earhart 2 B
Lam 1 C



Character Star Rating Details
Aki 3 S
Vee 3 S
Chelsea 1 A
Sol 2 A
Betty 2 A
Centaureissi 3 B
Fern 2 B



Character Star Rating Details
Banxsy 3 S
Willow 3 S
Antonina 2 A
Sakuya 2 A
Ksenia 2 B
Dushevnaya 2 B
Mai 1 B
Abigail 2 B
Rise 2 B
Angela 1 C
Groove 1 C



Character Star Rating Details
Nanaka 3 S
Persicaria 2 A
Florence 3 A
Gin 3 A
Choco 1 B
Jessie 1 B
Imhotep 2 B
Panakeia 1 C


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