Echoes of Mana – Tier List


Echoes of Mana is now live on Google Play and App Store! Check out the tier list below!

Reroll Journey

  • Reroll time – 2 minutes per round
  • You will be given a free 1x guaranteed 3* gacha after the tutorial. You can reroll as many times as you want for this. Doesn’t really matter who you pull here.
  • You will be given 5400 gems at the start of the game, enough for 2×10 Summons
  • Try getting at least three 4* Characters
  • Menu > Title Screen > User Support > Delete User Data to start reroll

Note: Below Tier List is for the Actual Banner Gacha. 


Character Weapon Score Details
-Encounter Sprung from a Seed- Shiloh Sword S – High Defensive stats
– Able to restore own HP when using Special Technique
-Headed for the Home Village- Popoi Boomerang SS – High Magic Damage (Range)
– Able to restore own HP when using Special Technique
-Magic Power in Bloom- Angela Staff S – High Magic Damage (Range)
– Deals 12% more damage when enemy HP above 50%
-Overcoming Myriad Farewells- Sumo Sword S – Large Heals
– High Defensive stats
-Pride of Amazon- Riesz Polearm S – Midrange attacks
– Can knock up enemies with Special Technique
-Thrilling Blade Flash- Duran Sword SS – Defense Break
– High Attack Stats
-A Sprouting Encounter- Serafina Bow A – Defense Break
-Fifteen in the Flush of Youth- Charlotte Flail A+ – Heals
Honeycomb Staff A+ – AOE heal that can be cast on the ground
– Very useful for coop battles as you can self-heal your own party members
Mousseline Staff S+ – Remove status ailments
– Able to recover HP of party with Special Technique, no MP concerns.
-Flaming Dark Magic- Crimson Wizard Staff – You can acquire him by completing Twillwool Tower lvl 70
-Guided by the Great Tree- Keldric Sword A+ – A combination of Shiloh and Duran
– The Beast Within- Kevin Fist S+ – Fast ASPD


Memory Gem Ranking

Memory Gem Score Effect
Little Spirit Faye A Magic Boost
Machine Golem Shuffle S Ulti Damage Boost
Rulers of the World SS MP Regen
Sword from Above S Skill Damage Boost
The Chosen One S Ulti Gauge +70% at the start of battle
The Tale Begins SS HP Recovery
Attack Boost
Aim for Wind Acorns A Normal/Skill boost for Wind attack
Limited to Wind characters only


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