Pokemon Sleep – Coming Later this Month


Earlier today, The Pokemon Company had released a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming Pokemon Sleep mobile game. The game is slated to launch later this month so prepare your pillows and get ready to sleep!

Basically, this is a game that tracks your sleeping habits and in turn unlock the “Sleep Style Dex”. The “Sleep Style Dex” is basically the different sleeping styles of each Pokemon. Playing this game is simple: just place your smartphone by your pillow, then go to sleep.

Place your smartphone by your pillow when you go to bed to record and measure your sleep. The longer you sleep, the higher your score in the morning, and the more Pokémon you’ll see appear around Snorlax. Your nights of sleep will be classified as one of three sleep styles—dozing, snoozing, or slumbering—and in the morning, Pokémon that sleep in similar ways will come gather around Snorlax.

If you’re worried about radiation, you can also use the Pokémon GO Plus +, which allows you to keep track of your sleep with the press of a button. Pokémon GO Plus + uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to link with Pokémon Sleep.

Stay tuned for the launch date!


  1. Pokémon Sleep is designed to track your sleep patterns using various methods, such as tracking movement and utilizing connected devices like sleep trackers or smartwatches. The game aims to encourage players to develop consistent and healthy sleep routines. Mental preparation is as important as physical training in a https://triworldhub.com/ program. Developing strategies to manage nerves and practicing visualization techniques can boost performance.


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