Protect Flying Island! Released


Let’s sail through the skies of the mysterious technomagical world! Idle RPG <Airship Knights> is finally available worldwide! You will be able to enjoy the nostalgic side of JRPGs in a simple and AFK game.

The player becomes the first captain from Flying Island. In order to break through the infinite stages, the captain will have to be responsible for the ‘Operation’ of his own airship. We’re here today to give you some airship related tips on how to become a proficient captain.

Engine is the key to success! Break through the stages with ‘overclocking’

The captain’s most important thing is to strengthen the engine! Reinforce the Mana Engine by obtaining ‘metals’ through AFK battles. Captains will be able to become powerful in the blink of an eye and defeat monsters in one go! ‘Overclock’ doubles mana production, so don’t forget to use it when challenging high stages!

An Infinite Reincarnation-type Training Cycle!

If you get stuck in the stage, try using the ‘Return function’. The airship and engine enchants will be reset, but don’t be disappointed because then you can get permanent powers by getting Magicites!  If you use the Magicites to increase the level of the knight, you can enjoy even faster speed. You’ll also be able to get an even cooler and faster airship, so don’t forget to do your ‘Return’!

The control room, the laboratory… Manage 8 cabins!

Don’t forget the household chores! If you manage a total of 8 cabins, you will be able to obtain special abilities.

Increase the amount of metal or mana gained. Also, increase the knights’ HP and get additional effects by placing them correctly. Touch the knights walking around the cabins but be careful. Chances are you’ll get addicted to their super-cute reactions!

All new captains who want to go on an adventure are welcome!

If you are interested, download the game directly from Google Play Store and App Store.

An airship adventure in a Steampunk X Fantasy world awaits you!



Note: Press Release by Publisher


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