(EN) Colopl Rune Story – Global Launch


Colopl, has announced the Global launch of their number one Mobile game, Colopl Rune Story (aka White Cat project). Previously soft-launched in Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, the game is now ready to meet the global fans.

Previously known as White Cat Project in Japan/HK/Ma/TW, the game is one of the hottest game in the region. It is also one of the first mobile games to promote one finger gaming. What makes this game so special is it’s chibi style 3D characters and weapons which was rare back then where most ARPG games go for more “cool” looking and realism kind of art style.


The Global version went through some art-style changes which saw some negative comments from the people who played the Japanese. However, the gameplay remained the same thus it’s still a fun game to dabble with!



* Engaging Story Quests *
Complete quests that will reveal Rune Story’s mystery with hours of intriguing gameplay.

* Real-Time Co-Op Action RPG *
Perform magnificent combo attacks that will surpass regular puzzle-solving, dragon-fighting games and control all movements, actions, and skills from the palm of one hand.

* Over 100+ Unique Characters to Play *
Unlock hundreds of characters and weapon combinations within six classes – Fencer, Lancer, Warrior, Brawler, Sniper, Mage.

* Fight Epic Bosses With Your Guild *
Become the strongest guild! Accumulate Guild Points in co-op quests to obtain special rewards.

* Build Your Own Unique Town *
Build and upgrade your town to harvest resources to level up and train your team.



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