Terra Battle : Strategy Card Game (Recommended)


From the creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi, comes a new strategy RPG card game, Terra Battle.


The game’s actually been out for about a week now (not counting the Canada soft launch a month ago), and it was only until today that I really sat myself down and play the game proper. At first, I admit, I felt the game was real boring at the start. However, after forcing myself to play the game for another ten minutes, I found myself slowly getting hook to the game.


The game is somewhat like the chess game “Go” where you have to surround the enemies on opposite ends to deal damage. Align other cards to your attacking cards to deal damage and cast skills that will affect the battle outcome. Combined with the “Scissors, Paper, Stone” element, there’s actually a lot of depth in the game. With proper planning and placement, you can actually beat your opponent even with a lousy deck. There’s supposedly a interesting story behind the game but… I haven’t been reading any of the text so… I can’t comment on that. Lastly, the music is composed by Nabuo Uematsu, the man behind the first 12 Final Fantasy games.



One thing though, keep re-rolling until you get a S or SS character because it really makes a big difference owning one of them. The game is currently on most Western, and Japanese App/Play store. Download the game and play now, you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s my short gameplay of the game:


Android Link
iOS Link

English, Japanese


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