Monster Hunter Explore – English Version Ninja Soft Launch


Thanks to a tip off from one of our avid reader, I have learned that Capcom has just ninja soft launched Monster Hunter Explore – English version in the Canadian App Store. Are you ready to hunt some Monsters!?

Similar to it’s predecessors, players will take on the role as a Monster Hunter, going around killing Monsters to unlock more monsters to kill. For those of you who have not tried the Japanese version, Monster Hunter Explore is one of those rare Japanese Mobile games that is not Gacha-centric. Furthermore, it does not have a Stamina system! Players will have to work hard and grind hard for the materials required to craft your Weapons and Armour.

kbp_mhx_game3 kbp_mhx_game2

Monster Hunter explore plays similar to White Cat Project where players can control their hunters with 1 finger. Tap to attack and double slide to dodge. Depending on the weapons you equipped, you’ll be able to unleash powerful Weapon skills that will instantly cripple the Boss Monsters.


The most exciting feature of Monster Hunter will probably be it’s 4 player co-op system. Players can gather your friends and come together to kill those big ass raid monsters. Remember to chop off the different body parts of the monsters’ to gather important materials for weapon crafting!

Monster Hunter Explore English version is currently soft launch in the Canadian App Store. I’m not quite sure if you can find it in the Canadian Play Store so if you’re from Canada, please do help me check it out and let me know in the comments below.






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