Dragon Nest2: Evolution – Pre-register for the Game via App Store and Play Store.


Level Infinite has announced the pre-registration campaign for the upcoming Dragon Nest2: Evolution mobile game. According to the App Store, the game is expected to launch this July.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is an Action RPG based on the renown PC MMORPG, Dragon Nest. Take on the role of the Warrior, Archer, Sorcerer or Cleric and engage in exciting dungeons filled with monsters and powerful bosses.

Each dungeon is broken up into multiple stages, delivering fresh gameplay scenarios as players progress deeper into the depths. There are puzzles to solve, mazes to navigate out of, and NPCs to interact with, the potential is endless no matter what kind of lair lies in wait.

As part of the launch, Dragon Nest 2: Evolution will kick off The Grand Dragon Hunt world raiding event, with players representing their various regions and trying to bring down the daunting Sea Dragon. With leaderboards and incredible rewards to obtain, this will be a hunt for the ages, so stay tuned!

Pre-register for the game now to unlock some nifty rewards when the game launches.

Pre-register Here


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