Pre-registration for Parallel Realms Begin – Get Ready to Collect your Waifu Agents


Xsuper Gamer has announced the pre-registration campaign for its upcoming waifu collection mobile game, Parallel Realms. Pre-register now and stand a chance to win an iPhone 14.

Parallel Realms is a waifu-collection, turn-based RPG with over 100 different beautiful anime agents for Players to collect. Each of these agents possesses their own unique skills and abilities. It is up to you Players to mix and match them in your party to overcome different difficult missions.

During combat, your agents will be displayed in chibi form featuring vivid Live2D illustrations. The game has an idle mode thus you’ll continue to level up and gain rewards even when you’re not playing the game.

Pre-register for the game now to unlock some nifty ingame rewards when the game releases. Additionally, Players can Like the official Facebook Page and stand a chance to win an iPhone 14 Pro.

Pre-register Here


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