Song of Hero: Music RPG


Are you a fan of Rhythmic games? Here’s something new for you with a little RPG and Gacha element.

The game’s story has the typical plot where the hero’s world is invaded by monsters and the only way to defeat the monsters is through music (duhz).
The game boast over 400+ heroes with unique characteristics and over 150+ carefully selected songs for players to challenge. I’ve played quite a bit and I must say, some of the songs are not bad and quite fun to play with. To be honest, I’m not very good at Rhythmic games but the normal stages are quite easy for an average person to complete them. If you’re up for more challenge, there’s also the daily quest with higher difficulties and Raid bosses for you to test your finger skills.


Tips: it’s easier to play the game on devices with a bigger screen so that it’s much easier to tap some of the notes.
Here’s a short game play video that I made with 1 of the stages:

The game’s out now on both Android and iOS, let’s go save the world with our music!

Android Link
iOS Link


  1. This is a great game. I have a lot of good memories of it now. I usually play and listen to music every day in the evening chakushin-on. A lot of its sounds have been used by me as notification ringtones, phone message ringtones. I am a music lover and often download songs to my phone to use.


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