Hero Shooter – iOS out now


Hero Shooter, published by PATI Games is finally available on the Google Playstore and App Store. If you like 3 Kingdom or Space invaders kind of games, you should definitely check this one out!

Hero Shooter is a Space Invaders shooter kind of game where players will control 3 Kingdom characters, and unleash bullet style attacks on approaching enemies. This is one of my favorite game genres since the Gameboy era. As the game is made from a Korean publisher, expect to see the same style of Korean card breeding system where you combine 2 characters of the same rarity to obtain a new character of the next rarity,

kbp_heroshooter_game1 kbp_heroshooter_game2


The game is simple to control, players only need to move your characters left or right while your character will be shooting projectiles at the enemy. There are 3 basic kinds of projectiles, and players should change them around to suit the enemies formation.

kbp_heroshooter_game3 kbp_heroshooter_game4


There are many features in the game such as Team battles, Unlimited breakthrough, Guild battles and Special scenarios. Players can also collect different kinds of weapons and armors to strengthen your heroes.

The game is out now on most Google Playstore and App Store. GO GET IT NOW! iOS Players can play the games on BlueStacks first, I’m playing it there and it runs smooth on it.

PATI Games

Android Link
iOS Link




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