Arknights – English Launch And Reroll Guide


Yostar has announced the launch of the English version of Arknights. Players from North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand can now download the game from your local App or Play Store.

Arknights is a tower defense, waifu collection RPG. Players will need to plan and defend the lanes based on your characters unique class and abilities.


Rerolling in the game can be a little tricky. Currently, the only known method is available for Android. For iOS Players, you’ll need to reroll on your PC emulator and then transfer.

Step 1 – Start the game with “Guest Account”
Step 2 – Perform 1 of the 3 Rerolling category below
Step 3 – If you’re unhappy with your rerolls:
1) Settings (Android)->Google -> Ads->Reset Advertising ID
2) Clear data in Apps->Arknights->Storage
Step 4 – Start the game and repeat Step 1

Types of Reroll

Tier 0 – Any 6*

If you’re not into rerolling, you can just pull from the event banner (discounted pull) and start the game with any 6* character.

Tier 1 – Decent Start

Pull on the event banner (Guaranteed 6*) and aim to get SilverAsh or Exusiai as your 6* starter.

Tier 2 – Good Start

First, go to the normal banner and pull using your 3 Summon ticket. The target here is to acquire Eyjafjalla or Ifrit using the 3 summon tickets before proceeding to pull on the event banner (Guaranteed 6*).

Tier 2.5 – Very good Start

Basically a combination of Tier 1 and 2. Aim for Eyjafjalla or Ifrit first and then pull for SilverAsh or Exusiai.

Tier 3 – Hardcore 

Play and complete stages to acquire enough gems for the 10x pull on normal banner to acquire Eyjafjalla or Ifrit. You can then save up and pull on the Event Banner for a guaranteed 6*.

That’s all for the guide, I’ll update accordingly once I find out more details!

Yostar Limited


Android Link
iOS Link


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