“Abyss – Roguelike ARPG” Launches a Series of Summer-themed Events and will open a new server in the United States


Abyss – Roguelike ARPG, the magical dark fantasy Roguelike mobile game developed by Titans Entertainment, has been released worldwide. The game development team will hold more exciting events to offer players a unique journey in the abyss.

Like the name suggest, Abyss is a roguelike Action RPG.

In the game, there are 6 different kinds of weapon named Cannon, Pistol, Greatsword, Hammer, Lance, and One-Handed Sword. Each of them has a different trait, specifically in melee combat and long-range attacks. Match the setups with the right gear to get the perfect combination.

Solo VS Multiplayer

In solo, players can enjoy a more structured experience, following the missions in order. However, players can also choose to fight with more partners against powerful enemies and engage with other players! Through the improvement of magic enhancement, combat skill training, and physical training, heroes can be strengthened to defeat powerful bosses and be rewarded with rare treasures.

“Abyss” Announces Opening of New Game Server

With the growing popularity of “Abyss”, the development team recognizes the importance of expanding its server capacity to meet the increasing demand of players. This new server will be located in the United States, providing players with a faster and more reliable gaming experience.

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