Onigiri Heroes Now Available for Android and iOS


CyberStep has announced the launch of the mobile version of Onigiri Heroes. Players who are interested in the game can now download it from your local App or Play Store. Login daily for the next 7 days to receive tons of rewards!

Onigiri Heroes is a mobile MMORPG set in a Japanese-style fantasy world. The game was first released on the PC/PS4/Switch platform back in 2019.

At the start of the game, Players can choose your own fighting style that is unique to the 8 available weapons. These weapons include swords, oodachi, axes, twin blades, bows, lances, staves, and wands. In addition to the characters you control, “Onigiri Heroes” will have a number of Partners who will fight alongside you. These Partners include famous Japanese warriors and generals such as Miyamoto Musashi and Oda Nobunaga.

Personally, I’ve tried the PC version last year and it did not retain my attention for more than 5 minutes. The graphics and controls felt too outdated for a modern MMORPG. Back then I thought the game was more suited for the mobile platform and fortunately, CyberStep has taken the step to optimize the game for mobile play. Hopefully some of you might find the game interesting and give it a go!

CyberStep Inc.


Android Link
iOS Link


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