Pre-registration for Omniheroes, the upcoming, casual, fantasy RPG is now open


Omniheroes is the upcoming, fantasy-themed, heroic, strategy RPG from OMNIDREAM – the publisher behind the popular, RPG Soul Land Reloaded – which has just commenced pre-registration ahead of its global launch next month for iOS and Android.

The highly anticipated gacha game invites players into a world of magic and sorcery, where you must assume the role of the Omniguardian – the chief apostle to the Creator – following a battle with evil forces that forced your master into an eternal slumber. The task of fighting back the invading hordes of monsters by uniting the world’s warring tribes therefore falls to you. Fortunately, as a casual RPG, you won’t have to do the fighting yourself; this job will be carried out by your team of heroes (including 7 special Valkyrie characters) which are as skilled in battle as they are beautiful to look at. Your role will be to summon, upgrade, and deploy them into 5v5, turn-based battles.

Choosing which heroes to use in battle, as well as how and when to upgrade them, is an area where Omniheroes has particularly excelled so far during early playtesting. This is largely thanks to the diversity of the heroes (which belong to five distinct factions) as well as Omniheroes’ unique, Multiple Synergy System. Utilising this system will allow your Valkyries’ skills to combine together for more potent attacks and buffs, and has the potential for experimenting with over 100 possible team combinations.

Besides providing PvP and PvE modes, Omniheroes will also feature a guild system where you can join friends worldwide in special guild tournaments.

If you want to be among the first to delve into Omniheroes when it launches, then be sure to pre-register for the game via the official website. Those who sign up to the “Valkyrie Bestowal” event will be treated to a number of in-game and real-life prizes, including: 777 free draws, plus a shot to win a $100 Amazon Card and an iPhone 14 Pro 512GB.


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