Crystal Hearts – Japan Version Launched


NSSTUDIO has announced the launch of the Japanese version of Crystal Hearts. Players who are interested in the game can download it from Japan’s App or Play Store.

The game has been out in Korea for quite a few years now and it is also available in Taiwan. Now finally, we have a Japanese version!

The game is played very similar Destiny 6 which makes me wonder if they are related. Combat is mostly automated while you can choose when to use your character’s skill by tapping on the skill icon. You will also need to move your characters around manually to avoid deadly attacks indicated by the red telegraphs.

There are over 300 different characters to collect and all of them are in the form of cute chibi artstyle.

If you’re looking for a game with decent graphics and chibi-fied character design, you should definitely give the game a go. As for the older mobile gamers, I believe we have played over a dozen of such games and there’s really nothing new to discover.

PS: Can someone tell me if this is related to Destiny 6? 



Android Link
iOS Link



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