Langrisser Mobile – Claim Rewards, FAQ, Opening Events


This is a basic FAQ for the opening day.

Launch Region:

USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Slovak, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta, Belgium, Austria, and Luxembourg.

Android Users:

Step 1 – Download the APKpure app here

Step 2 – Install the app on your mobile or emulator

Step 3 – Search for Langrisser in the app and download, Play!

How to claim Pre-registration Rewards

Step 1 – Head to Pre-registration site

Step 2 – Click on “Check your gifts” (make sure you are log in to your FB)

Step 3 – Head to this site to Redeem. Select your Server, Character ID and Gift Code from Step 1

You can find your character id by tapping on your portrait ingame > Account (a long bunch of id)

Opening Gacha Banner 

Both Leon and Elwin are really good starter SSR that will carry you far in the early game. It’s really up to your preference on which banner you will want to summon from. As for me, since we are already getting Cherie (whom is really good too), I opt for the Leon banner instead.

Will update this periodically, please leave your questions in the comments below!

Main Character Job Quiz


1. What will you do if an enemy raised you while you were gathering supplies?

2. What is the most important factor when creating an unbeatable team?

3. Where do the gods live?

4. Which of these do you like most?

5. What is the meaning of life?

6. What do you look for in your companions?

7. What makes a hero?

8. What does love mean to you?

9. What is truly worth fighting for?

Answer (There are other combinations to each class)

Shadow (sin) Strike Master (Calv) Dragon Master (fly) Bow Master
Defense Retreat Retaliate Defence
Strategic versatility Sheer power Excellent mobility
Strategic versatility
In the heavens above They do not exist I am God
In the heavens above
A quiet cottage in the night To get what my heart desire To protect the things I care for
A green grassland in the spring
Passion An unyielding spirit An unyielding spirit Loyalty
Acceptance Charity Helping others Charity
My loved ones Glory My loved ones My loved ones


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