Epic Seven Guide Chapter 1 – Beginner’s Guide


For new Players, here is a step by step guide series to help you quickly get familiar with the game and hopefully, it’ll help you clear all content!

General Progression 

Here is a rough estimation on which content you should be clearing based on your progression stage. Content may change as Smilegate updates the game with more content.

Early Game

  • Adventure Mode Normal Difficulty
  • Arena
  • Abyss (up to 25)
  • Hunt Stage 1-6
  • Labyrinth Great Farche Labyrinth

Mid Game

  • Adventure Mode World Difficulty
  • Arena
  • Abyss (up to 50)
  • Hunt Stage 7/8
  • Labyrinth Nixied’s Sanctum

Late Game

  • Arena
  • Abyss (Complete)
  • Hunt Stage 9/10
  • Labyrinth Raid

Starting The Game

This is one of the few rare Korean games where Re-rolling is easy and is encourage to do to get a good start. There are 3 different tiers where people usually reroll for, each more time consuming than the other.

Tier 1 – Complete Stage 1-10 to get free 30 Rerolls. At this stage, you will want to summon either a 5*Sez or 5* Ravi. Also, it’ll be great if you can get 4* Angelica or 4* Achates. Do note that you can only get 1 5* from this Reroll Banner.

Tier 2 – Complete Stage 1-4 and summon with whatever stones you have. Try to get the following 5* characters before proceeding with the above Tier 1 Summon. This will take a few hours or even days to achieve.

  • Haste
  • Tenebria
  • Krau
  • Destina
  • Rate up Banner Hero

Tier 3 – Perform the above two tiers, complete Stage 10-10 and summon on the Moonlight Summon banner. Try to get a 5* Hero from here and you can start your game. This will take days to achieve.

Game Currencies

Currency Description
Skystone Premium Currency. Use for Summoning and purchasing other currencies
Gold Ingame Currency. Use for Upgrading Heroes and Equipment
Energy Energy is needed to participate in most Adventure and Events (Refresh 1 every 5 mins)
Flag Flag is needed to participate in Arena (Refresh 1 every hour)
Leif Can be used to purchase Limited Entry currencies (Obtain through Events or Purchasing Packs)
Silver Transmit Stone Use in Transmit Stone Shop (Obtain through quest and selling of Nat 3 and above Heroes)
Gold Transmit Stone Use in Transmit Stone Shop to purchase Galaxy Bookmarks or 4-5 Star Hero Ticket (Obtain 1 every 20 Covenant Summon)
Covenant Bookmarks Use to summon new Heroes. You need 5 to perform 1 summon. Purchase Bookmark Bundle from Shop to get a 5% discount
Galaxy Bookmarks Use to summon Moonlight Heroes. You need 5 to perform 1 summon. Can be purchased using Gold Transmit Stone (need 6)
Friendship Bookmarks Use to summon 2 Star Heroes/Artifact. Can be purchased from Friendship Shop
Ancient Coin Use to summon T2-T5 Accessory from Ancient Coin shop. Can be obtained from Labyrinth
Conquest Points Use in Conquest Points Shop. Can be obtained by participating in PVP
Brave Crest Use in Guild Member Shop. Can be obtained by participating in Guild activities


Next chapter, I’ll be writing some of the basic Combat stuff and resource management.


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