Epic Seven Guide – Farming Speed, Hit and Critical Labyrinth Gear


Here’s a guide to help you farm some Speed, Hit and Critical Accessories!

The objective of this guide is to help maximize your farming in Labyrinth to acquire more Speed Accessories and Ancient Coins. I came across this guide from this YouTube video by Grass Angel and decided to rearrange it in text for easy reading.

Why Farm Labyrinth Gear?

The Labyrinth equipment are a tier higher than most of the equipment you get from your Hunts and Ancient Coin Chest. Getting a T4 accessory is almost equivalent to getting a T5 accessory from your chests.


You will need to complete Great Farche Labyrinth Zone 5 (Eerie Hallway) with 100% explored. This labyrinth is quite linear thus most people should be able to 100% it.

Farming Guide

The reason why we farm Great Farche Labyrinth (Zone 5) is because it drops the Speed Set Accessories. As we know, Speed is very important in PVP and Wyvern farming. This guide is split into 2 modes, Combat and Loot.

Combat Phase

  • You start off at Spot 1 and follow the routes in order of the numbers.
  • When you are on Spot 4, check the mini-map to see if Spot 5 has enemies. If there is, kill them.
  • Spot 6 is a good time to use your Tent to recover morale. The more morale you can recover, the further you can go ahead along route 7.
  • I suggest not to exceed -30 morale as the enemies will become too difficult to handle.
  • Once you hit -31 morale and below, STOP your Auto Battle.

Loot Phase

Before you start loot phase, there are 2 things to note:

  1. Turn off Auto Battle.
  2. Do not move forward when you are at the next scene to prevent yourself from triggering new battles.
  • Follow the path above to loot any Chest or Stones for treasures.
  • Once you are done looting, just head back to any portal and exit from there.

Example of reward

Try to optimize your team so that you can recover more morale.


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