Monster Age – Pre-registration and Game Preview


Indie publisher, Gimku has announced the pre-registration event for their upcoming mobile game, Monster Age. Pre-register for the game now and receive a 4* Monster when the game releases.

Play Store Screenshot 3Monster Age is a brand new Monster collecting RPG for your mobile devices. Collect over 300 different Monsters as you enter a world full of adventures, PVP and Dark Quests.

Although the art and graphics for Monster Age looks pretty generic and “not so interesting”, the game does have some nostalgic gameplay mechanics found in most old-school monster collection RPG. Firstly, it’s been quite a long time since I last saw a monster collection game with Level 99 as their level cap. Not that I love grinding, but it kind of reminded me of my Pokemon days.


Furthermore, there are many different gameplay modes available for players to explore. From an Indie developer (from Indonesia) perspective, the game is pretty well polished and it’s worth giving them the encouragement to produce more better quality games.

* Adventure Mode ( Normal & Hard ) : Gain various loot item and monsters
* PvP Mode : Compete with others and Claim rewards each day
* Special Quest : Gain a variety of unique rewards each day
* Dark Quest : Challenge yourself in this marathon stages and claim great rewards
* Guild Raid : Cooperate with your guild mates to earn rare loots

Pre-register for the game now and receive 500 blueshells and a 4* monster. The game is slated to launch on the second week of July so stay tuned for more news!

Android Pre-register Here (You will need a PLM account)



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