Dynasty Warriors: Overlords – Official License by Koei Techmo


SuperNova Game has announced the launch of Dynasty Warriors: Overlords in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The game is available in English and Traditional Chinese.

Similar to any other Dynasty Warrior game, Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is a Musou fighting game based on the Three Kingdom era. In the game, you can act as a valiant general to charge alone against enemies and conquer this chaotic world where famous heroes are revealed one after another.

I’ve played many “Dynasty Warrior” games in the past and I must say, Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is the best in terms of the fluid controls and battery usage. However, I guess we do have better technology now compared to the previous instalments.

All concept art of heroes are provided by Koei Tecmo. The design enhanced the metallic texture in order to highlight the personalities of generals, while their models remain exactly the same. Animations of generals are also provided by Koei Tecmo.

PS: There is also a city-management system in the game.

SuperNova Game


Android Link
iOS Link


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