Lushida: Origin – Now Available in Singapore and Malaysia


Electronic Soul has announced the launch of the Singapore and Malaysia version of Lushida: Origin (卢希达:起源). The game is currently available in Simplified Chinese.

Lushida: Origin is a fantasy adventure strategy RPG mobile game. As the “originator”, the player is summoned to a primitive continent by the strange girl Jiu Si, and travels through the tribal secrets full of alien civilizations; together with the beast mothers and partners of the six major tribes, they embark on a journey of alien civilizations in this mysterious continent big Adventure.

Lushida: Origin is a fast-paced RPG played on a 3×3 board. Players will have to plan the positioning of your characters ranged from 7 different classes. With over 100 different characters to collect, Players will have to carefully plan the synergy of your team to overcome your enemies.

Electronic Soul


Android Link
iOS Link


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