BILIBILI launches the eagerly awaited Higan Eruthyll for mobile players worldwide April 6th


The time has arrived for the world of Higan: Eruthyll to finally come to life as the game gets set for its much-awaited global launch. From Vtubers forming a musical supergroup to a limited-time special event, there’s plenty of action inside and outside the game to get excited about. Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming launch.

Higan Eruthyll promises to deliver an action-packed experience with high-quality anime visuals and a thrilling narrative; set in a world where magic and technology have fused. Do battle with six classes, five elements, and multiple formations in the fight against the forces of evil!

The title is set to arrive for iOS and Android players to enjoy, and the game has already reached over 2 million pre-registrations and just dropped the ‘Cage of Desire’ music video in collaboration with NISANJI EN’s VTuber sensations to celebrate.

Following the launch, the special ‘Burning Phoenix’ event will kick off, opening up the world of Eruthyll for further exploration and bringing bigger and better rewards for players.


  • With over 2 million pre-registrations come rewards, including powerful characters, stylish cosmetics, and valuable resources to power up players

  • Enjoy as superstar NIJISANJI EN Vtubers collab for ‘Cage of Desire, an official Higan: Eruthyll song and music video

  • Prepare for the limited-time Burning Phoenix event running April 8th through 20th and explore the world of Eruthyll further

  • Incredible anime-like visuals, along with intense combat and high-quality animations with multiple playstyles to suit any player



Android Link
iOS Link


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