Honkai Star Rail Now Live – Get on Board the Astral Express


HoYoverse has announced the launch of Honkai Star Rail. All you new Trailblazers can now download the game via your local App or Play Store. PC Players can download the client via the official website or Epic Game Store.

Honkai Star Rail is a hero-collection, turn-based RPG with an open world to explore. The game has this Persona vibe with beautiful Anime world, characters and turn-based combat.

The characters in Star Rail have 7 different Paths(classes) such as Preservation(tank), Destruction(DPS), The Hunt(ST DPS), Erudition(AOE DPS), Harmony(Buffer), Nihility(Debuffer) and Abundance(Healer). Players will now have more room to plan for your party and strategize them to face different challenges.

Similar to traditional JRPGs, Players can interact with certain objects in the world such as treasure chess, collectibles and breakable objects that are filled with items that you can use in your adventures. Don’t forget to break some of the crates while doing your tutorial.

I’ll be working on the tier list after putting more hours into the game. Till then, hurry on your own adventure!

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