Survivor Master: Sifu – Now Available for Android Users in the SEA Region


Calling all Android users from the Southeast Asia region, we have a new roguelike survivor game available for you to challenge this weekend. The game is called Survivor Master: Sifu:SEA on the Google Play store.

Similar to most roguelike survivor games, the objective of the game is to survive many waves of enemies coming towards you. Each time you level up within the game, you’ll be able to pick 1 of the 3 random abilities given to you. Mix and match these abilities and find the right combination that can help you overcome all enemies.


The game has an AFK system where it accumulates resources easily and quickly, so you can enjoy a more pleasant game experience. There are over 100 different costumes and accessories, which can be freely matched to create a unique fashion style. Diverse modes with over 10 different dungeon challenges waiting for you to conquer, as well as over 10 different minigames. Try a variety of different challenges and events, and get numerous game resources and rewards.

Download the game here. (Android)


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