Festive New Content and Events Now Available in Epic Seven’s 2020 Holiday Update


Epic Seven announced the release of special events and new in-game content in celebration of the holiday season on December 24.

The brand new holiday Side Story Adventures in a Winter Wonderland is available for players to enjoy for the next three weeks, from December 24 until January 1, 2021. By playing through this Side Story set in the Cidonian city-state Contella, the City of Stars, players can read the tale of how several beloved Heroes from Cidonia end up in Wonderland while tracking down bandits at Constellas winter festival, with a special appearance of the new Hero Fairytale Tenebria. This holiday Side Story also provides new, special gift items that will increase the Friendship of the Heroes they are given to. Gifts for Fire, Ice, and Earth elemental Heroes are available, with a different element being provided each week.

Even more special events have been prepared for this years holiday season. A variety of buffs, such as boosts to Gold and EXP gains and doubled Rune drop rates, will be provided every day from December 24 to December 28, during which time, players will also be able to unequip Artifacts and Equipment at no cost. Additionally, The Season of Snowflakes and Starlight seven-day Check-In Event is now live as well, available until January 1. Players can collect rewards just by logging in every day, with the final reward being a 5 Hero Summon Ticket.

The new Limited Hero Fairytale Tenebria is also waiting to meet players. Fairytale Tenebria is an Ice elemental Mage who is capable of inflicting the new debuff redirected provoke. Victims inflicted with redirected provoke are forced to use their basic skill to attack the enemy with the highest max Health at the start of their turn. This new Hero has also attracted the interest of players as her design is based on the winning work of the Epic Seven Illustration Contest, held earlier this year on the well-known art community Pixiv.

The in-game interactive guide, Adventurers Path, has been updated with the Achieving Adventurer path, assisting both newcomers and returning players alike in adapting to the game and raising strong Heroes quickly. This content provides players with step-by-step guides to different parts of the game and rewards for completing objectives, encouraging players to try out many different parts of the game.

Epic Sevens real-time PvP mode World Arena will begin its new season on December 25. Players who climb up to the Master League by the end of the season will receive an Epic Skin for the Hero Fallen Cecilia.


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