Anime RPG Blue Archive Receives First Major Content Update


Blue Archive just received its first-ever large-scale content update, introducing new playable students, formidable raid bosses and the thrilling storyline “Cherry Blossom Festival Commotion”Players worldwide can now recruit Izuna, leader of the Ninjutsu Research Club, and Shizuko, member of the Festival Operations Department, from the allied Hyakkiyako Academy to help combat foes invading the school festival.

The update also expands the “Total Assault” raid content to include two new deadly bosses, Shiro and Kuro. Appearing in the closed theme park Slumpia, these bosses cast a devastating range attack which will require strategy and skill to overcome.

Players will also be able to unlock the story content “Festival Operations Department” and “Inner Discipline Club” after acquiring one student from each club.

In celebration of the game’s latest event story, publisher Nexon is offering 1200 Pyroxenes to users logged in on Nov. 29. Players will also have the opportunity to exchange event rewards for rare items and accumulate event points to receive special bonuses, such as Pyroxenes, Eligma and Credits.


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