Diablo Immortal New Expansion Comes December 14


Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Diablo Immortal will receive a new expansion on 14 December. Venture into the all-new zone, Stormpoint, an exiled island long used by Westmarch as a clandestine prison and home to the largest piece of the Worldstone shard we’ve seen yet.

This time around, there will be five new Helliquary bosses for you to face. These new Lieutenants of Hell include Ophinneb the Skin-VeiledDymdrail, Crawling WoeCatarag the Strangling Sun, ApothrusTamer of the Fallen, and Phangwrth, Warmth-Feaster. In addition, the game will introduce new Hell Difficulties VI, VII, and VIII for those seeking to raise their Paragon level to new heights.

In addition, five new Legendary Gems are being released with this patch along with the kickoff of the Season Eight Battle Pass: The Hidden Sun. New cosmetics are also on the horizon with the winter set, Grakkinskin, in the in-game shop and the Sacred Wilds cosmetic set in the Phantom Market.




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