Comparing Samsung Gear S3 And Gear S2

For your information, both Samsung watches use Corning Gorilla glass as the material for the screen display. For more damage resilient, the S3 relies on the SR+ composite material. Generally, the Gear S2 will give you a smaller yet brighter display. In contrast, S3 displays more on its Always-On display mode (perfect for customization). It does this while retaining the color rather than moving to grey-scale.

Performance Comparison:

Price Comparison:

Certainly, you will consider your budgets and bank account statements as you decide to purchase any of these luxurious smart watches. So, after all, is said and done, the determining factor may as well be the price. 299 USD is what the basic model of Gear S2 costs and the S2 Classic goes for 349 USD. Also, the Gear S3 opening price is 499 USD.

Other Features Comparison:

You can also rely on shopping comparison engines to get your purchases at the best price. As you do this look to cut out taxes and hidden charges. These well-reputed engines reveal to you the best deals from retailers across various locations. Quite more appreciated than Apple's watch that can't withstand rain or swimming pool.

Water Resistance

Aptly covered by IP68 dust & waterproof rating, both smartwatches are totally water-resistant. Guaranteed to give you protection, whatever the level of water resilience needed: from water-splash to water drop or rain. IP68 water resistance means your device can last underwater for maximum 30 minutes.They are both wireless charging compliant.


Wireless Charging



The adjustment is made on S3 so you can call in style and comfort. So what’s the Gear S2 lacking? Pre-installed speaker and microphone.


GPS & Connectivity
All Samsung Gear S3 models have GPS built-in, whereas; it’s only active in the modified versions of S2. Frontier version also has 3G/LTE connectivity, which allows you to make and receive calls without using the phone. 


Samsung Pay

The Gear series have been enjoying the Samsung Pay app since 2016. The 2015 versions have NFC-only restrictions. That meant retailers needed to have NFC scanner to admit payments. With the NFC and MST technology updated into the 2016 models, your shopping experience is now limitless.


In Conclusion:

So, the Samsung Gear S3 has these attributes to its favor: the larger display, larger RAM, and better battery life. Sounds like it’s a knockout for Gear S2!
By the time you consider, that both models have their curses and blessings, you may as well give S2 a chance of surviving.

Which makes picking one of the models, not an easy task?  Don't forget the bulkiness of S3 as you dwell on its cool features. The size makes smaller wrist people think twice about purchasing it.


By looks alone, the S3 appears to be the masculine. The S2, on the other hand, is size-perfect with basic features of an apt smart watch (although, no LTE). There you have it, do weigh the cons and pros as you make the big decision.


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